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2016 November Meeting

Date Wednesday, November 2th, 2016
Time 7:30-9:30 am 
Location International Market Square, Studio 185 (275 Market St, Minneapolis, MN 55405). Free Parking.  Click here for a location map.
Lecture  China Business Roundtable
Register  Online Registration or call Jim@612-865-6543 (Phone & Skype)


China Business Roundtable


Twin Cities international business professionals come share your China experience over last year on the latest issues and challenges you face in China today. All are welcome to share your insights on the current China business climate. A few areas of expressed interest include:


  • The impact of the Zika virus and the fumigation requirements for containers coming from the US going to China
  • Supply chain production schedules and logistics issues getting deliveries from China in time for the 2016 holiday season rush.
  • Issues working with Chinese JV partners
  • Chinese investment interest in the Minnesota and the region


If you have been working with some of these challenges, or have others you would like to share and receive feedback, this program is a must for you. We will also be sharing the new direction for UCBC in 2017 and seek your feedback to these new initiatives and ideas we have planned. We would look forward to hear any new ideas you would like to see started at UCBC.

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