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2016 October Meeting

Date Wednesday, October 5th, 2016
Time 7:30-9:30 am 
Location International Market Square, Studio 185 (275 Market St, Minneapolis, MN 55405). Free Parking. Click here for a location map.
Lecture  China Cross-Border eCommerce: Leverage the Internet to Sell Your Products in China
Speakers Paul Swenson, Owner, The China Hand Consulting Co., Ltd.
Register  Online Registration or call Jim@612-865-6543 (Phone & Skype)


China Cross-Border eCommerce: Leverage the Internet to Sell Your Products in China


E-Commerce is evolving faster than ever.  Blink, and you’ll miss the next big thing!   In China alone, the  business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce market has grown to over 600 billion dollars of which 71% of transactions occurred on mobile devices. The current market is 318 million “regular” online shoppers who will be spending over $4,000 each on luxury products in 2016.

The presentation is designed to provide information on current ecommerce models and introduce several e-commerce providers.   Join us to learn more than just the ABCs of e-Commerce including the “how to” comparisons of different channels and resources available to “e-tailers.”  If your firm is already selling via e-Commerce, that’s fine too.  You can still learn from service providers how they can facilitate your deliveries and expand your markets!

Who should attend?

• Anyone who is interested in setting up, or already started an e-commerce business

• Companies with products that can sell through e-commerce platform:

-        FOOD packaged foods, dried fruits, sauces, packages meals, teas, and snacks

-        NUTRITION supplements, power bars, sports drinks and powders

-        SPIRITS liquors, wine and beer

-        SKINCARE cosmetics, cleansers, shampoos and soaps

-        FASHION women's and men’s shoes, clothing, bags, outerwear

-        SPORTING equipment such as footwear, apparel, snow boards, bicycles

-        PETS toys, supplies, pet snacks (without beef)

-        BABY toys, clothing, nutrition and foods

-        AUTO aftermarket auto parts, auto sport parts, decoration and auto care

Presenter: Paul Swenson, Owner, The China Hand Consulting Co, Ltd.

Since 2003, The China Hand creates unique trade, tourism, education and investment programs to assist international agencies to attract Chinese buyers, tourists, students and investors. We also work closely with Chinese companies to structure and execute relevant, timely and successful investments into the United States and other locations.

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