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April Meeting 2016 - The Journey to Asia: From Sourcing to Selling

Date Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Time 7:30-9:30 am 
Location International Market Square, Studio 185 (275 Market St, Minneapolis, MN 55405). Free Parking.Click here for a location map.
Lecture  Presentation by Paul Krier
Speaker Paul Krier, Vice President of Operations, Safe Reflections Inc.
Register  Online Registration or call Jim @ 612-865-6543 (Phone & Skype)

Speaker Bio: 
Paul Krier is the Vice President of Operations at Safe Reflections Inc (SRI) in St. Paul, MN. Paul is currently leading the development of SRI’s operational expansion into Taipei, Taiwan. SRI has had a long history of exporting into Asia and is now poised to expand it’s international footprint to support the significant growth of it’s patented colorized reflective into the consumer active wear markets in South East Asia.

Paul has traveled to Asia the last 10 years building plants and improving operational and informational flows in China, India, and Singapore. Paul has led over 200 kaizen events globally in the US, Asia and Europe as a lean leader. He also led operations teams of 450 salary and hourly employees with approximately $1B in revenue. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Minnesota, Duluth and Cleveland State University, respectively.

Program information:

April meeting

SRI has a long history of exporting its products with patented technology into South East Asia apparel industry. Over the last year and into the next two to three years, SRI will be transforming their supply chain by launching a Distribution and Manufacturing site in Taipei Taiwan. This site will be the hub to its Asian network integrating regional suppliers & customers and Taiwan & US operations. Paul has been and will continue to lead this supply chain transformation.


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